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On this page you can:

1. Find articles and electronic resources using the library databases
2. Find resources for your career research assignment
2a. View screenshots of how to search for your career article in the library databases

Finding articles and electronic reference works using the library’s databases

Web address for the library’s database page is

  • You can also go to the library’s home page ( and click the Online Databases link
  • Databases are listed by general category; scroll down to see all options

For most databases, you search by using keyword terms. Improve your results with the following strategies:

  • Narrow your search by using “and” to add terms
  • Check the Full Text box to limit results to complete articles
  • Limit the publication dates to recent years
  •  Use the truncation symbol “*” to include all variations on a keyword. (Example: “child*” includes “child” “children” and “childhood”)

Login from off campus:

  • If you access the databases from off campus, you will see a login screen. Log in with your Blackboard username & password. If you have problems, call the library at 773-907-4868
  • The Encyclopedia Britannica requires a separate login whether on or off campus:
    • At the main page for the Encyclopedia Britannica, click on the Log In link at the top of the screen on the right. Type trumancol into the box that says “e-mail address” and ebonline into the box that says “password”

Resources for the career research assignment

Activity 1: The library’s Career and College Research Links will connect you to academic, government, and public sources of information on colleges and careers. To access these, go to the library’s home page, scroll down, and click Career and College Research Links

Activity 2:

a. The databases Biography Reference Bank and Gale Virtual Reference Library are good sources of biographical articles. Go to the library’s databases page to use these: Current Biography is found under the heading People and Cultures; Gale Virtual Reference Library is found under the heading Reference.

b. The database Academic Search Complete is a good source of career articles [SEE SCREENSHOT BELOW]. To find an article on a particular career, use the following steps:

  • Type TI careers and TI [name of career area] into the search box. Example: TI careers and TI nursing
  • Check the Full Text box under the Limit Your Results heading
  • Click the Search button

c. The web site Occupational Outlook Handbook provides data on labor and hiring trends. Access this using the library’s Career and College Research Links.


Option b.:

To search both nursing and career in the TITLE of an article, type TI nurs* and TI career. Nurs* is searches ALL variations of the word nurse, such as nurse, nurses, and nursing at once. You can replace nurs* with ANY career, such as mechanic, chef, or librarian.

On the left side, you must select full-text. This will provide all records that have the full text of an article attached to it.

You can also, on the left side, change the publication date to view articles that were published after a certain year (so, more recent ones).


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